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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Leadership Boot Camp

Every year, we have a weekend before tour where we have all of our tour leaders come to Denver for a training weekend. We go over logistics, rosters and do a lot of bonding so that we are all on the same page when we get to training camp with the players.
This year, we had 6 leaders and coincidentally, we all live in Denver! We did a day camp at a local Juvenile Corrections facility to model what a day of camp overseas would look like. It was cool to hang out with the kids and get to know them a little bit. We have received letters from a couple of them, and hope to go back to do more camps in the near future.
All in all, it was a great weekend, and we are excited to see how God uses these leaders on the trips this summer!
L-R: Zo Azubuike, Heather Anthony, Troy Cohen, Kirby Beneventi, Me and Susan Beardslee.

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