I found a windmill in Holland!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas was a little different this year for a number of reasons. My mother was diagnosed with Dementia on December 20th, so we were all processing the news throughout the week. We have known for a number of years that something was not quite right. Now that we have a name for it, we are able to have a little more grace, but also begin to pray for Wisdom in how to handle this disease. Many people have asked how I am handling it. I asked God what I was to do, and he said to take it as it comes. So, that is how I am handling it. Please pray for my parents. My dad needs grace, patience and energy. My mother needs hope and healing. She is so frustrated most of the time and gets emotional.
Christmas was also different because we lost a member of our family to divorce. We are all adjusting to the changes in our family, but also learning to lean more on our source of comfort.
I'm not sure how I accomplished this, but I managed to leave Christmas with my family without taking pictures of my older nephews. I spent so much time with them, and only got a pic of Landon watching TV with my Dad!! They have the same lower lip. So cute!!

We spent a lot of time with "todder Bowden", Gabe & Anita's son. He is growing so fast and has his own unique communication system. He doesn't say much other than "ball", but he has signs for all kinds of things that let you know what he wants. He is a joy!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

There are few things I love more than getting out into nature. Colorado is a blessing to me, because it provides so much free entertainment. We have been having unseasonably warm weather, so my roommate and I decided to take advantage of it a couple Saturdays ago. We went for a 4 mile hike in a field with the flatirons in the distance. It was GLORIOUS!!

Last week I was given the opportunity to travel to Missouri for Recruiting. I flew to Kansas City, MO. and met with some supporters and friends who live in that area. The following day, Amanda Sanders (Crossover Alumnus '09 & 10) and I drove across the state to Hannibal, MO. We attended the Women's game at Hannibal-Lagrange College where Alumnus, Kayla Hruby plays.
We met with Kayla's team and several of them, including the coach, showed interest in coming with us in 2011. We are excited to see how many of them commit to come.
I spent the end of the week in St. Louis with my sister-in-law Erin and my Nephews, Logan (aka Rico) and Landon (aka Joe). We had a blast shopping, ice skating, playing games and working out to Just Dance 2. If you have never played, you should buy a Wii and get that game! It's a great workout, and SOOOOO much fun!! The boys also taught me how to play the Monopoly card game. I can't wait to see them at Christmas so that we can play some more!!
Please be praying for my family. One of my brothers is seeking a divorce and my mother is struggling with her health. We trust God to see us through!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

November in Southern California

One of the joys of my job is the opportunity to visit our alumni around the country. The first two weeks of November, I headed to Southern California to see many of our friends there.

The first day I was able to connect with TJ, who used to work for Crossover and OxiFresh when I first started with CI. He is now working for a Sports Agency, so we went to my first ever game at Staples Center to see the Lakers play the Memphis Grizzlies.

The day after the game, I went to Santa Monica to meet up with a friend who is a missionary in Serbia. We spent some time on the Promenade and then went to Fullerton where we stayed with a great family from her church. We were given FREE passes to Disneyland, so we went and enjoyed a day of fun in the parks.

While I was visiting with Jen, I got the news that my boss and second family (The Azubuike's) had lost their dad due to complications with a heart condition. I was grieved for their loss, but was also exceedingly grateful that I was in California, because it meant that I would be able to attend the funeral.

I went from Fullerton to SanDiego to visit three of our alumni. We had MANY meetings with prospective players, coaches, college teams and potential Staff members. Some highlights included getting to tour a U.S. Navy Mini-Carrier with Nick & Genevieve, attempting to make "Protein Powder Brownies" with Troy (Epic fail), eating breakfast at Swammi's and seeing all the beauty that San Diego offers.

From San Diego, I went up to Santa Clarita to visit the Master's College Women's team, and their coaches who serve on our Board of Directors and our Advisory Board. Nick and Genevieve drove up with me to surprise the girls at their game. On Saturday, we attended the memorial service for Zo's dad in Carson, and then I headed back to spend more time at Master's. Some of the girls from that team have been key players in Crossover for several years, and it was great to reconnect with them. Connecting with the coaches was also important. They have become dear friends of ours, and had lost a friend that week to cancer, so I was able to spend quality time with them and try to provide some encouragement to them as they grieved.

I went to the Cold Beach in Santa Monica to finish out the trip. Jess (The Master's Assistant Coach) and I went and just spent some quality time discussing life and grief and other important topics.

We have several new applicants as a result of the trip, and hope to have even more connections within the GSAC conference and these cities where our alumni live.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Abbi & Foster's Wedding

Abbi is one of the girls that I mentor. She is on Staff at YWAM Denver and I have been meeting with her for just over a year. When I first started mentoring her, I was delighted to discover that she was interested in Foster Miller who has been a dear friend of mine for several years. I was honored to get to watch their love develop and grow throughout this last year. When they asked me to stand in their wedding, I was speechless. It was abeautiful day!!! Here are the girls waiting to go down the aisle.

We had so much fun. Emily Murphy was a Flower girl for the very first time, and took her job VERY seriously!! Her older sister Jada is more experienced and knows how to work the crowd! :)

The wedding was in a field at YWAM Denver's Mountain Campus, Eagle Rock. It was an amazing location.

One of my favorite parts of the wedding was the Unity symbol that they choose. Instead of lighting a candle, mixing sand or salt, or other symbols of unity, they decided to Scramble Eggs together. Yep, that's right!! It was so hilarious to see the eggs and whisk on the table at the front of the ceremony. Abbi and Foz laughed the whole time as they whisked their symbolic lives together. I loved it!!! :)

The wedding was so much fun, and I am so happy for Mr. & Mrs. Miller. Congrats you guys!! Love you!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fall 2010 Update

I set my blog up and then life took over and I haven't thought about it again until today! SO much has happened over the past few months, but I will try to recap a bit. In July, Crossover sent 3 teams overseas. Our annual tours began by bringing all of our teams together for Training camp in the mountains of Colorado. We had 33 people in training camp this year. We enjoyed the mountain air, daily basketball practices, good food and amazing teaching. Each team had time to bond and get to know each other over the week that we spent at Horn Creek Camp.

On Friday, July 30, the teams left for their designated locations. We were so excited to do the camps and build relationships with the kids! Overall the trips, we served more than 300 kids and saw MANY eternal Crossover’s. We continue to keep in contact with many of the kids through social media, and it is amazing to see them grow in their understanding of God!

Once I was back in the states, I began immediate preparations for our annual Staff Retreat. On September 24-26 we held our annual Staff Retreat. We had 13 people in attendance, and our focus was “Advancing the vision”. We are blessed to have amazing people on board this year. They are the most proactive group we have ever had to date. Our alumni association is being headed by two of the girls who traveled with me this summer. We are also planning to welcome our first full-time recruiter in January. We are so excited with what God is doing through Crossover! He is truly building a family within our midst, and I am honored to be working with these men and women of God.

Since the retreat, it has been Wedding season in my life! I was honored to stand with Foster Miller and Abbigail Gillingham as they committed their lives to each other on October 16th. It was a beautiful wedding in the mountains, and I will try to post some pictures, because it was amazing!

Now, I am gearing up for recruiting season. I leave next week for a 13 day trip to California to connect with various alumni and potential players. Please pray for me as I attempt to connect with future players and invest in the lives of our alumni!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Trying new things!

Well, I visited some very dear friends last weekend in South Dakota. They serve overseas, and they blog faithfully each week. I was telling them that I am a faithful blog reader, because he (Matt) is such a great writer and it is so entertaining. During the course of the conversation, he really encouraged me to write about my adventures with Crossover. I thought about it....and decided to give it a whirl. Perhaps this will help people to feel a little more connected to what I do.
I hope you enjoy it. I will try to make it interesting!