I found a windmill in Holland!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

NCCAA Tournaments

Our recruiting season is from September through April each year!!! Every March, we travel to Indiana to advertise and recruit at the National Christian Collegiate Athletic Association (NCCAA) Tournaments. This year, I went to the Women's Tourney and Troy took Amber to the Men's Tourney.

We spent the weekend talking with possible recruits, coaches, chaplains and parents about our summer tours. We met with a lot of people who are interested in Crossover trips!

I had a blast staying with my Aunt and Uncle in Ft. Wayne, In. They came with me to a few games and that gave me time with my cousin, Victoria!

God is moving and we are really excited about who He will bring to us through these recruiting trips!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Hilo and Honolulu

People often tease me about how often I travel to Hawai'i, but I can honestly say that God is opening doors of ministry for us on the Islands!

After Manila, we traveled to Hilo, Hawaii (that's on the Big Island for those of you who don't know). One of our alumni lives there and is a trainer for the University of Hawaii -Hilo. We did a little site seeing, and then went to a game to scout. We were able to talk to a total of 5 players who are believers and are interested in coming on the tours this summer. Troy got a sinus infection from the "Vog" (Volcano Pollution). Poor Guy!
The Volcano Glow at night.

Some of the coastline near Hilo. We took a drive one morning and it was beautiful!!

Akaka Falls on the Big Island
We went from Hilo to Honolulu to visit Shane ('09 and '10 Alumnus) and Rachel ('08 Alumni). Shane plays for Chaminade University and we got to see two of his games. We also went to the UH vs. New Mexico State game over the weekend.
Sunset in Honolulu from the 31st floor.

Troy and I with Shane and Kayla after a game.

One of the more exciting events was meeting with Rachel at the program where she is one of the top teachers. Kids are court-ordered to attend her program and the facility is in the middle of 3 major housing projects in Honolulu. She has a variety of students with various charges against them. The facility that she works for helps these kids in a number of areas from education to developmental activities. Her program is non-profit, so they have asked Crossover to come do a camp in the inner-city of Honolulu!!! This is such an exciting opportunity because when you get off the beach and out into the neighborhoods of Honolulu, you quickly realize that Hawaii is one of our neediest states in many ways.
Rachel on the grounds of her work complex.

The gym at Rachel's work

We also met with a girl that Rachel knows who is very interested in going on tour this summer. All in all, Hawaii was one of our more productive portions of the trip and we are excited for the opportunities we have there in the future!