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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas was a little different this year for a number of reasons. My mother was diagnosed with Dementia on December 20th, so we were all processing the news throughout the week. We have known for a number of years that something was not quite right. Now that we have a name for it, we are able to have a little more grace, but also begin to pray for Wisdom in how to handle this disease. Many people have asked how I am handling it. I asked God what I was to do, and he said to take it as it comes. So, that is how I am handling it. Please pray for my parents. My dad needs grace, patience and energy. My mother needs hope and healing. She is so frustrated most of the time and gets emotional.
Christmas was also different because we lost a member of our family to divorce. We are all adjusting to the changes in our family, but also learning to lean more on our source of comfort.
I'm not sure how I accomplished this, but I managed to leave Christmas with my family without taking pictures of my older nephews. I spent so much time with them, and only got a pic of Landon watching TV with my Dad!! They have the same lower lip. So cute!!

We spent a lot of time with "todder Bowden", Gabe & Anita's son. He is growing so fast and has his own unique communication system. He doesn't say much other than "ball", but he has signs for all kinds of things that let you know what he wants. He is a joy!!

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