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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

November in Southern California

One of the joys of my job is the opportunity to visit our alumni around the country. The first two weeks of November, I headed to Southern California to see many of our friends there.

The first day I was able to connect with TJ, who used to work for Crossover and OxiFresh when I first started with CI. He is now working for a Sports Agency, so we went to my first ever game at Staples Center to see the Lakers play the Memphis Grizzlies.

The day after the game, I went to Santa Monica to meet up with a friend who is a missionary in Serbia. We spent some time on the Promenade and then went to Fullerton where we stayed with a great family from her church. We were given FREE passes to Disneyland, so we went and enjoyed a day of fun in the parks.

While I was visiting with Jen, I got the news that my boss and second family (The Azubuike's) had lost their dad due to complications with a heart condition. I was grieved for their loss, but was also exceedingly grateful that I was in California, because it meant that I would be able to attend the funeral.

I went from Fullerton to SanDiego to visit three of our alumni. We had MANY meetings with prospective players, coaches, college teams and potential Staff members. Some highlights included getting to tour a U.S. Navy Mini-Carrier with Nick & Genevieve, attempting to make "Protein Powder Brownies" with Troy (Epic fail), eating breakfast at Swammi's and seeing all the beauty that San Diego offers.

From San Diego, I went up to Santa Clarita to visit the Master's College Women's team, and their coaches who serve on our Board of Directors and our Advisory Board. Nick and Genevieve drove up with me to surprise the girls at their game. On Saturday, we attended the memorial service for Zo's dad in Carson, and then I headed back to spend more time at Master's. Some of the girls from that team have been key players in Crossover for several years, and it was great to reconnect with them. Connecting with the coaches was also important. They have become dear friends of ours, and had lost a friend that week to cancer, so I was able to spend quality time with them and try to provide some encouragement to them as they grieved.

I went to the Cold Beach in Santa Monica to finish out the trip. Jess (The Master's Assistant Coach) and I went and just spent some quality time discussing life and grief and other important topics.

We have several new applicants as a result of the trip, and hope to have even more connections within the GSAC conference and these cities where our alumni live.

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