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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

South Africa

No matter how much I travel, I find delights wherever I go! We arrived in Durban, South Africa on Monday afternoon and we were greeted by Edmund and Preethiek. They were HILARIOUS!! They took us to our favorite place in SA....Kauai!!!! OH MAN!!! This place has the BEST smoothies!! We were SO excited to have our African favorites! (We discovered this place when we were stuck in the Johannesburg airport in February. We decided that Tambo International Airport has the best food court in the world.) ;-)

We arrived at the Church complex and were greeted by Mary, Jasmine, Merieke, and Auntie. They have taken care of us so well, and Troy has been in constant banter with Mary since we arrived.

Yesterday, we visited the primary school on the edge of Bottlebrush. This is the slum that most of the feedings and outreach take place in. We met with the Principal of the school who invited us to do whatever we wanted. Then, we went to the University to check out the gym. We reserved the gym for the camp next summer.

Today, we had to the honor of preparing and then taking meals to the children in Bottlebrush. I have seen a lot of poor in my time, and this place is definitely a slum. We gave the children a meal and then walked around a bit to get a feel for the place. I was so taken with the way that they live life. You cannot walk into a place like this and NOT be touched. We have SOOOO much! I left feeling truly blessed.

The Kids waiting to receive their small meal.

The mall overlooks the slum. Kind of ironic.... There are government housing dwellings that are pretty structurally sound. However, mixed in among them are shacks that are crudely built and pretty unstable. If you look in the background of this picture, you can see some of the shacks.

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  1. I had my fair share of smoothies, salads and sandwiches from Kauai last summer! They were my "healthy food" amidst lots of not so healthy choices. ;) I've been thinking about South Africa a lot this week. Glad your summer travels are going well!