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Sunday, August 7, 2011


"My GRACE is sufficient for you. For MY power is made perfect in weakness."

Over the last few months, I have recognized my weakness more than ever. No one is perfect. NO matter how many years you have been a Christian, no matter how long you have been in ministry. We all NEED God. We ALL have moments of weakness when our flesh takes over and we make mistakes that feel unforgivable.

Our response is the catalyst that sends us deeper into despair OR catapults us into the wonder of Grace.

I have recently been thrust into the chasm of God's grace. I do NOT deserve it because I was a BRAT all summer. I responded to my circumstances out of woundedness and selfishness and found myself in need of repentance and a swift kick of correction. I repented, and GRACE came in....Literally.....Like a FLOOD. I am overwhelmed by all that God has responded with.

Our tour team is a BLESSING beyond my ability to describe. Their respect for their leaders is unsurpassed. Their love for each other is like I have never seen, and their willingness to be teachable and CHOOSE the right thing is a wonder. I have never led a team like this in all of my years of being in ministry. They are a GIFT from the LORD. There is no other explanation.

Our week in Romania was great!! We had 88 kids overall. About 3/4 of them indicated that they wanted to receive Christ at the end of camp. We are BLESSED!!!! The YWAM Cluj staff were amazing once again, and we enjoyed our time there immensely!!!! Troy and Amanda did AMAZING as the commissioners for the gyms, and the team gave all they had to make the week amazing!!

We were able to relax on Friday in Budapest, and then traveled for 14 hours yesterday to arrive in France. This morning we participated in a church service here and look forward to our second camp starting tomorrow.

Here are some pictures to give you an overview:

(The camp in Romania)

(Crossover Champion Angie Al-Shaar- NBA Gym)
(Crossover Champion Raul- NCAA Gym)

(Signing Autographs....Haha!!! Who would've thought??)

(Julia LOVED Spradley!!! The little ones called him "Sparkley" ;-) )

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