I found a windmill in Holland!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Class, Medias and on the road again.

The last day of class was super fun as I divided the students in to groups of similar personalities. They realized that having people unlike us is a valuable commodity. We need those who are NOT like us in order to function as a complete "body". We laughed a lot as we saw the struggle to work with those who are strong and weak in the same areas weare. Balance and unity is essential to function as a whole and be most effective in our callings. I love it when a plan comes together!!!

After our final class, Troy, Paul, Stacey and I drove to Medias (about 2 hours southeast of Cluj). We had lunch at the YWAM base and toured the facilities. They are still finishing their facilities, but there are great views from the base like the one below. They also have a very innovative and Eco friendly heating system. It is designed to trap the cold from the winter underground for cooling the base in the summer. Likewise, the warm air from the summer is saved to help heat the building in the winter. From the outside, the facility looks like a work in progress, but inside it was quite cozy and nice.
The heating system.
We are hoping to have a basketball camp in Medias this summer. They have 2 gyms near the base. The town is significantly smaller than Cluj, but has a lot of Olde World feel. It boasts one of the last remaining citadels in Europe that still has people living within the walls. One of the Clock towers is leaning and is in the top 5 of towers in Europe that lean a little more each year, yet continue to be intact.

Medias is also where Paul grew up, so we visited the "block" where he grew up and where his father still resides. I was so excited to see inside a communist built apartment building. I don't really know why, I have just always been fascinated by the concept of growing up in a country that was communist. I remember watching the Olympics and the announcers talking about how some of the athletes grew up in one room apartments. It's a curiosity thing I guess. Anyway, we met Paul's delightful Dad (Antee) and made jokes with him. He is a sweet man. I felt so honored to get to meet Stacey's Father in law.

Troy was not feeling good all day and was such a trooper for going along and pushing through his illness. I felt so bad for him. When we got back to Cluj, we went to "Tonight Pizza" and had some of the best pizza I have ever had!! We slept for a few hours and flew from Cluj to Budapest this morning at 6 am. Now, we are waiting for our flight to Kiev where we will spend less than 48 hours. The journey is a blast!! :) Troy is feeling better and we will soon be on Flight #5 of 17! :)

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