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Monday, February 21, 2011

Pics from Malawi

Praise the Lord!!! We got our bags!!!
Here are a few pictures from Malawi.
The view from Customs in Malawi when we landed.
The courtyard where we stayed in Malawi. This was "Mama Jesse's" house.
Troy and Rus warming up with the kids at Chipasula Secondary School in Lilongwe. We got BURNT this day!!
Good Shepard International School basketball clinic with 5th graders.
Rus and Troy with some of the older boys at Good Shepard International School. Troy did some skills training with them after our clinic with the 5th graders.
Rus and Troy with Chicomo after sharing encouragement with him.
Yes, we did a clinic at the SOS Orphanage and school in the RAIN.
Gari drove us around Lilongwe while we were there. She is a beautiful woman of God.

This is me with Chisomo and Elbi. Chisomo is Mama Jesse's daughter. We have very similar heart's for ministry. Elbi is a staff member at Mama Jesse's house and is sweet as sugar!!

Troy with Mama Jesse.

I will post China and Philippines soon. Our internet has been off and on and very unreliable for the past week and a half, so that is why I haven't posted.

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