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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


This is long overdue, but our time in Ukraine was, well......an experience. We arrived with no one to pick us up and after a few emergency calls to the US to try to get our phone working, our contact called us. Apparently we can receive calls, but we can't call out. YIKES!!! So, our driver arrived 1-1/2hours late and we drove through Kiev and out the other side. He did not speak English, so Troy and I were not sure where we were going. We arrived a Massive Guest complex in the middle of the WOODS!! It was beautiful!
However, we were greeted by more non-English Speakers, so we were pretty tense. It's hard to describe, but something wasn't sitting well in our spirits. Fortunately, a friend of mine from YWAM Denver contacted me that evening and he offered to house us in the city the following night. He is currently doing a school at YWAM Kiev and plans to join their staff in the future.
We went to church with our original contacts on Sunday morning and then met with their sports director. Following that meeting, we went to visit YWAM Kiev where we were hosted by Derrick Nissely and his girlfriend Vicka. We even got to watch the Super Bowl at 1:30am!!!
The coolest thing was getting to meet the sports director for YWAM as well as the director of sports for the church.
Derrick and Vicka also showed us around the city. BEAUTIFUL!!!! I will post pictures when I am able. The internet is slow here. :)

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  1. I am loving you are blogging so I can keep up with your life.. tell derrick hi for me.. miss you guys!!